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Oat Fibre

Oat Fibre
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Net Weight : 1000g


Oat Fibre, a magical substance that has zero calories, zero carbs, zero sugar. Wonderful KETO flour (not on its own though!)

It adds loads of fibre to your diet with the side benefit of helping to expel other carbs from your digestive tract. This one is GLUTEN FREE! It absorbs up to seven times its weight in water making it useful for baking, and as a filler with ground meats.


Oat Fibre

The Best Free From Shop


When added to bakery products, oat fibre allows for the production of low carbohydrate breads, pastries, muffins, crackers and pizza crusts, it can add bulk to your recipes when you remove sugar. It can help you stick to your low carb diet including various versions of the Keto Diet, the Always Hungry Diet etc.

Oat Fibre is virtually non-digestible, no carbs or nutrients only potassium.

You can use it in baking as a flour substitute usually in a blend of other low carb flours such as coconut flour. Since it soaks up so much liquid, if you are substituting it in your own recipes, you need to make sure you also adjust your liquids upwards. If you suffer from constipation, it will definitely help.

…read recipes here.

Mascarpone & Oat fibre Bread

Instructions :

oat giber-bread

Step 1


Preheat the oven to 170C and line a baking tray with parchment paper.

In a medium size bowl, mix the 4 medium eggs with the 125g mascarpone, use an electric mixer.


Step 2

In another medium size bowl measure out the dry ingredients,

-40g almond flour, or almond grounds is just as good, I recommend Supervalu brand almond grounds, that’s your cheapest option in Ireland if you don’t want to bulk buy.

-30g whole organic psyllium husk.?This recipe will only work with whole husk, don’t use psyllium husk powder. If you are planning to make 1 loaf of bread instead of bread rolls, I recommend to add an extra 1/2 tbsp,( about 4g or so) psyllium husk so your bread won’t be too moist. It really depends on your taste, I usually eat my bread slightly toasted or grilled so I don’t mind if its moist.

-15g oat fibre

-1/2 tsp himalayan salt

-2 tsp baking powder

mix them thoroughly

Step 3

Mix the dry ingredients into your wet (egg, mascarpone mix) mixture, I just used a fork, no need for an electric mixer.

Your dough is gonna be very soft and sticky at this stage.

Enjoy a tea or Coffe until you let the dough rest for 10 minutes, its just enough time for the fibre to absorb most of the liquid and make this dough thick enough to work with.

Step 4

The secret to work with this soft & sticky keto bread dough is to wet your hands or oil on your hands. All my savoury products or recipes which has psyllium husk or/ and fibre in it requires proper wet hands to shape rolls, breads, pizza etc.

Shape a loaf or make 6 rolls, make some cuts on the top of the rolls as well as in the bread, you can do that with a wet or oily knife, and dust them with a little bit of oat fibre.


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  3. First time using and honestly still trying to perfect my recipes but I am very happy with the outcome.

    • Thanks Jacinta for taking the time to review our products, greatly appreciated.

  4. Great produce and service, as usual!

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Oat fiber
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